Top 10 New Artists

Artists are classified as new if they have not had songs exceeding 15,000 views past 12 months. Rankings are determined by inverse points; features take a share of 50% between all credited, while leads take a share of 100% between all cocredited.

#10. FritzyBeat
Biggest Hit: Cold (co-credit)

#9. Dragonfoxgirl
Biggest Hit: Confrontation

#8. Lady Aria
Biggest Hit: I'll Come Running (featured)

#7. Asi Meskin
Biggest Hit: Manehattan (co-credit)

#6. Turquoise Splash
Biggest Hit: The Twilight Will Rise

#5. Synthis
Biggest Hit: Cold (co-credit)

#4. Rhyme Flow
Biggest Hit: On Hold (featured)

#3. Knife Pony
Biggest Hit: Stay (remixed)

#2. Sayonara Maxwell
Biggest Hit: Stop the Bats (Remix) (covered)

#1. AnimatedJames
Biggest Hit: Brony Polka

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