Saturday, April 26, 2014

4/27: Stop the Bats (Remix) logs a 6th week at #1; Mother Changeling reaches #10 and 4everfreebrony debuts in the range

[My reaction to the continued reign of #1]
Yup, Stop the Bats is still at the top, commanding the views chart handily this week. Let's go over the rest of the top 5 though, shall we?

Brony Polka returns to the #2 spot on the chart. It's actually retained the same number of views for the 7 weeks it's been tracked (2,600), but this was a week of general decline, allowing it to nab a high placement. Laughter maintains a tight grip on the #3 spot, with over 1,000 views and an especially strong vote count, much like the maintained #4, Moonlight. #5 this week is a recovery for Stay, which has lately been clustered with Bats! and Chant of Immortality after its remix's views tapered off.

2 songs enter the top 10 this week. The first is Mother Changeling, which is making a giant gain in views quite late in its lifecycle. The other is 4everfreebrony's latest debut Future (What Are the Odds) at #7. There were two previous debuts that aimed high for the top 10 but failed and then dropped off the very next week: Through the Fields at #11 and In the End at #18. Whether this song shall suffer the same fate is yet to be seen.

Specialty Charts for the Week 4/27: Same Leaders, New View Entries

As you can probably tell, Stop the Bats (Remix) and Moonlight are still doing their thing, so let's talk about what's changed quickly.

With no new votes for any songs in the top 10, Under the Sun swaps places with Moonrise, as the latter had extra votes last week. In views, there are two notable debuts: Future (What Are the Odds) at #3 and Eeyup (Ode to Big Mac) at #8.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

4/27 Voting

Vote here for songs you want to support on next week's chart! Remember, 3 song limit and it must be from no older than 10/1/13.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

4/20: Stop the Bats (Remix) remains in command, Make a Wish (Remix) holds its ground, and Prince Whateverer re-enters the Top 10 with a new track!

Credit: Psyguy
This week, there isn't much to mention, so let's break this down quickly!

The top 10 is relatively stable from last week. The big change is that You've Got the Music falls to #22, causing #4 - #10 of last week to move up 1 spot each. From that, Laughter finally hits the top 3, and Quest (This Can't Be All) hits a new peak of #6. The leader is still Stop the Bats (Remix), but it is on the decline in views, and while Make a Wish (Remix) is having its debut inflation wear, it's actually doing so at a slower rate than Stop the Bats is falling, so there is the very real chance it could take the crown in 1-3 weeks!

Filling in the #10 spot is Prince Whateverer, partnering up with Dreamchan yet again to bring a cover of It'll Be OK. Also debuting are two songs from the upcoming Fallout: Equestria game, bringing the swing of the 50s back to the charts in 2014, along with Mush and micro/muThunder.

Specialty Charts for the Week 4/20: A return to status quo as The Living Tombstone regains views

Hello there old pictorial friend. Let's take a look at these charts, shall we?

Votes had one movement this week, as Moonlight overtook Under the Sun for #6. Otherwise, it is identical to last week.

Views on the other hand are dynamic as always. The 2 big debuts last week have been deflated, but Make a Wish (Remix) keeps strong only falling to #2 (as opposed to You've Got the Music (DELIGHT Mix), which fell to #6). Naturally, Stop the Bats (Remix) returns to #1. However, it's worth noting that the song actually dropped in views more than Make a Wish, so the possibility of the latter regaining the top spot is relatively strong.

Brony Polka recovers to #3 at its constant 2,600 views, and Bats! maintains its cornerstone #5 spot while strengthening its views to 2,000. 3 debuts make their way to the chart: Prince Whateverer makes the largest with newly common collaborator Dreamchan with a cover of It'll Be OK at #4. Also debuting are Join the Herd and Step Around in the #9 and #10 spots.

The full specialty charts are up for viewing. Check back very soon for the full Hot 50 info!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

4/20 Voting

Voting ends on Friday at midnight EDT.

The only rule is that is must be from 6 months ago or newer (which means October 1st is the cutoff), and you can vote for 3 songs. Let's see how many votes we can get!

4/13: Stop the Bats (Remix) holds at #1 despite not dominating either Specialty

Credit: Gray-gold
The results are in, and with this crazy week with the new March votes, the removed October votes, and a new Views leader, The Living Tombstone still comes out unscathed in the end. Your days are numbered, Stop the Bats remix...

In any case, the song leads by 1000 pts. against two giant debuts: First off is Sim Gretina, whose remix of Make a Wish has the lead in views and snags #2 in its Hot 50 debut. Also close behind by 500 points is Foozogz's remix of Find the Music in You titled You've Got the Music (DELIGHT Mix), which also achieved #3 in views. Rounding out the top 5 are Laughter, still holding on to its #4 peak, and Moonlight, slowly approaching its debut peak. Also of note is the March votes #1, Quest (This Can't Be All), which debuted at #25 last week, has risen all the way to #7.

Now, this was a week where the votes got a major shuffling, and because of this, the ratio for the week was 45% votes and 55% views, a bigger preference for the former than any previous week. Despite this, there are an abundance of top 20 debuts this week, primarily from songs that debuted this week, not those that got voted highly (The exceptions being Foozogz' Make a Wish remix, which had the advantage of exposure from the #3 song which happened for all of Foozogz' songs this week, and Join the Herd, which gains the views of the original version of the cover along with the remaster). All told, there are 11 debuts and 1 re-entry (Morning Mist, #3 of March votes, comes back at #28). Combine this with the fact that the October songs lost their base votes, and there are quite a few of those songs that fell off this week, including Daring Do, Nightmare Night, and most notably Taking Flight, which was at #11 last week, but was supported by both the original and remix's votes, both of which were removed this week.

Check out the full list soon along with the Specialty Chart pages!

Specialty Charts for the Week 4/13: Moonlight maintains command over a shifted Votes category, while Sim Gretina takes views by storm with a large debut!

Oh look, a new image! You know what that means, so let's break down the info as always!

With the votes for March coming in, the top 10 has notably been shaken up, with mainstays Crusader and Taking Flight both falling off. In their place comes a new #3, Quest (This Can't Be All), BLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik's March #1 song, with 77 votes! Also entering outside of the top 5 are Morning Mist and Time is an Adventure, rounding out the top 10.

Moonlight is still a definite leader of the group, as February was an unusually active month for voting, and the #2 from that month, Laughter, keeps strong in the same spot on this chart. Both have vote counts in the triple digits. Forest Rain's Fluttershy actually reaches a new peak of #4 thanks to two of its competitors falling off while only one debut takes its place, and 4everfreebrony's Chant of Immortality does the same except up to #5.

The views chart gets shaken up by 4 massive debuts, the biggest one obviously being the Sim Gretina remix of Make a Wish, with 4459 average views! Also in the top 5 is Foozogz' remix of Find the Music in You, debuting at #3 with 4040 average views. Sandwiched in between is the former champion of the charts, Living Tombstone, with Stop the Bats' remix holding at 4,350 average views in the #2 slot. Debuting in the top 10 also are Here on the Moon and Starswirl the Bearded at #6 and #9.

The top 5 is rounded out by Brony Polka, falling to #4 though keeping 2,600 average views, and Bats!, which holds at #5 with 1,880 average views.

Be prepared for information on the full Hot 50 and updates to the chart pages soon!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

4/6: The Living Tombstone maintains the #1 and Eurobeat Brony makes his first Top 10 entry of the year!

Credit: Vexx3
This week, the Hot 50 gets shaken up by more votes, Eurobeat Brony enters the chart along with 7 other songs, and we can announce the results of the cleansing! First up, let's break down the top 5.

The Living Tombstone's remix of Stop the Bats demonstrates its sheer staying power on the chart, with 6425 points this week to remain at #1. However, his recent remix of Stay is now falling off debut inflation, now at #8, leaving Brony Polka to reclaim its former peak of #2. Hearts as Strong as Horses' remix by Sim Gretina is also holding strong after its debut last week, remaining at #3. AcoustiMandoBrony's Laughter has actually reached a new peak of #4, kicking Crusader down to #5. There was also one top 10 debut: Eurobeat Brony enters the chart at #7 with his new original track Batty!

Now, cleansing for the month of April has commenced. Check past the page break for full details.

Specialty Charts for the Week 4/6: Votes slightly shaken up, and bat fever has taken over Views

It's that time! Let's take a look at the Votes and Views charts for this week!

Now, the Votes top 5 has not changed, but I do have 2 pieces of good news: First off, there was one movement in the top 10 (Set in Stone has now risen 2 places, sending both Under the Sun and Moonrise 1 place down), and the date that the next toptenpony votes results will be revealed has been confirmed for April 10th, well in time for next week's chart! Just a reminder that this means that votes for October songs will be removed as well.

As for the Views, The Living Tombstone maintains a healthy lead with Stop the Bats (Remix), with 3,900 average daily views this week, starting the first consecutive #1 streak of the chart. Last week's biggest debut, Hearts as Strong as Horses' remix by Sim Gretina, maintains a strong hold on the #2 spot with 2,920 views. Brony Polka rebounds from its downward spiral to #3 while maintaining a 2,600 view average. Songs relating to Bats are also doing very well currently, with Eurobeat Brony's new original tune Batty debuting at #4 with an average 2,238 views and Bats!, Aftermath's remix of the show tune, rebounding to the #5 spot with 1,640 views after being marooned at #7 for 2 weeks.

Come soon for info on the full Hot 50!