Saturday, December 20, 2014

12/21/14 Chart Info

Another #1 debut (first time two have occurred in direct succession). Next week's the last for the year and this chart; expect this site to get some spiffing for the year-end!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday, December 6, 2014

12/7 Chart Info

This week is the same as the top half of the Trot 100 12/13 chart. You know what that means: a new #1! DragonfoxGirl nabs her first with her ponified cover of "Confrontation".

Saturday, November 29, 2014

11/30 Chart Info

"Five Nights at Freddy's" is apparently what kept the formula in favor of vote songs this whole time, and it would've given them even more power this week. However, it is now out of the average (though still on chart) and a couple more adjustments should keep the chart stable for next week.

Friday, November 21, 2014

11/23 Chart Info

In 2 weeks, this chart will grow into a 100 position chart, however some other changes will be made:
  • Songs with more direct ties to other fandoms (the 2 FNAF songs on right now most specifically) will be ineligible
  • Any song from pre-summer 2014 will be ineligible (Beat It, Dregs of a Bitter Cup), and videos for eligible songs before June 2014 will not be tracked (On Hold, Academy)
  • Vote points will now have a flat value in order to properly incorporate bulleting.
  • There will now be a recurrency rule, though it will be slightly stricter than Billboard due to the nature of some hits
    • 20 Weeks means you need to be in the top half, as expected
    • 26 Weeks (a.k.a. half a year) requires being in the top 40.
    • 30 Weeks needs you in the top 30
    • 39 Weeks (3/4 year) requires being in the top quarter of the chart
    • 52 Weeks requires being in the top 20
In any case, enjoy these last 2 weeks for the former, because Five Nights at Freddy's is surging in points all the way to over 100,000 as it gains broader appeal. However, Prince Whateverer takes an impressive 3 songs to the top ten, including two brand new collaborations with Dreamchan!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

11/16 Chart Info

Last week actually had a little quirk that I didn't notice but worked well. Now I'm officially making it the new formula: Only songs with votes get averaged for the balancing, so that songs entirely based on vote points don't end up artificially gaining throughout the month due to more new songs which don't have votes.

Anyway, Five Nights at Freddy's indeed makes a move to #1, as it also gains on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Digital songs 24-22 while maintaining its bullet. Also debuting high in the brony scene is YourEnigma with a new song that concludes The Call EP's new songs: "Follow You Down", which features Castwing. Also, a remix from the EP for "On Hold" by The L-Train propels the song to a new peak in the top 10 along with the entry of his own "Sound Barrier" cover and a re-entry for "Rainbow Rocks" thanks to the new votes.

Friday, November 7, 2014

11/9 Chart Info

"Beat It" returns to the top but a new challenger awaits. Can it take the #1 spot next week?

Friday, October 31, 2014

11/2 Info

Halloween bonanza this week, with a new leader just for this week!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

RULE CHANGE: Tracking Qualifications

A song that receives a new video for the same version cannot use the old video of that song (defined as not the current year) for tracking points if it was a notable hit thanks to that old video. This affects the following songs:

  • Anthropology
  • Beat It
  • Couldn't You Just Simply Die?
  • Lost on the Moon
This is in easing the transition to the beginning of the new year, when such songs will be wholly ineligible for charting.

Friday, October 17, 2014

10/19 Chart Info

Bubbling Under
1. Little Sister / Tarby & Aviators
2. When You're Offline / Turquoise Splash
3. I Don't Complain / Luna Jax
4. Whole Lotta Magic / Wasteland Wailers feat. Haymaker
5. I've Got You / Chi-Chi & Turquoise Splash

1. Stop the Bats (Remix) (+Cover)
9. Academy (+Remix)
12. Beat It
15. House of Glass
19. Pegasus Device (+Remix)
20. On Hold (+Redial)
21. Soldiers of the Night
27. Chant of Mirth
34. Cold (+Remix)
39. Dregs of a Bitter Cup
41. No Chance
47. Tell Me
51. The Blob Symphony
54. Rainbow Factory (Synesthesia)
66. Sight Unseen
70. Lost on the Moon
82. Harmony Ascendant
109. Crash
138. Confrontation
158. On Track

1. Beat It
2. Stop the Bats (Remix) (+Cover)
3. Dregs of a Bitter Cup4. Soldiers of the Night
5. Academy (+Remix)
6. Lost on the Moon7. Tell Me
8. No Chance9. Sight Unseen
10. House of Glass
11. Chant of Mirth12. The Blob Symphony
13 (Tie). Pegasus Device (+Remix)
13 (Tie). Cold (+Remix)15. Rainbow Factory (Synesthesia)
17. Harmony Ascendant
19. On Hold (+Redial)29. Crash
33. Confrontation
41. On Track

Saturday, October 11, 2014

10/12 Chart Info

Bubbling Under
1. 3 Day Party Weekend / EileMonty feat. Nowacking
2. Little Sister / Tarby & Aviators
3. I Don't Complain / Luna Jax
4. I've Got You / Chi-Chi & Turquoise Splash
5. Whole Lotta Magic / Wasteland Wailers feat. Haymaker

1. Beat It / BLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik feat. Michelle Creber
2 (Tie). Stop the Bats (Remix) (+Cover) / The Living Tombstone v.s. Sayonara & GalaVoices
2 (Tie). Dregs of a Bitter Cup / Makkon
4. Soldiers of the Night / SlyphStorm feat. 4everfreebrony & Midnight Melody
5 (Tie). Academy (+Remix) / BLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik v.s. 174USDI
5 (Tie). Lost on the Moon / WoodenToaster & The Living Tombstone feat. Rina-chan
7. Tell Me / BLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik
8. No Chance / dBPony feat. MictheMicrophone
9. Sight Unseen / BLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik
10 (Tie). House of a Glass / 4everfreebrony
10 (Tie). Chant of Mirth / 4everfreebrony feat. Chi-Chi & Relative1Pitch
12. The Blob Symphony / OhPonyBoy
13. Pegasus Device (+Remix) / SlyphStorm v.s. Mush feat. Glaze
14 (Tie). Cold (+Remix) / Synthis, 4everfreebrony, FritzyBeat v.s. 174USSDI
14 (Tie). Rainbow Factory (Synesthesia) / WeimTime
16. I'm an A**hunter, Gimme That Booty / Glaze
17. Tough Luck / Glaze
18. Harmony Ascendant / Ponyphonic
19. Rarity Tears / The Living Tombstone
22. On Hold (+Redial) / YourEnigma feat. Rhyme Flow or Nowacking & LeafDash

1. Stop the Bats (Remix) (+Cover) / The Living Tombstone v.s. Sayonara & GalaVoices
12. Academy (+Remix) / BLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik v.s. 174USDI
14. Beat It / BLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik feat. Michelle Creber
17. House of a Glass / 4everfreebrony
20. Pegasus Device (+Remix) / SlyphStorm v.s. Mush feat. Glaze
21. On Hold (+Redial) / YourEnigma feat. Rhyme Flow or Nowacking & LeafDash
23. Soldiers of the Night / SlyphStorm feat. 4everfreebrony & Midnight Melody
26. I'm an A**hunter, Gimme That Booty / Glaze
32. Chant of Mirth / 4everfreebrony feat. Chi-Chi & Relative1Pitch
38. Cold (+Remix) / Synthis, 4everfreebrony, FritzyBeat v.s. 174USSDI
46. Dregs of a Bitter Cup / Makkon
49. No Chance / dBPony feat. MictheMicrophone
51. Tell Me / BLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik
53. The Blob Symphony / OhPonyBoy
55. Rainbow Factory (Synesthesia) / WeimTime
56. Tough Luck / Glaze
72. Sight Unseen / BLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik
77. Lost on the Moon / WoodenToaster & The Living Tombstone feat. Rina-chan
85. Harmony Ascendant / Ponyphonic
88. Rarity Tears / The Living Tombstone

Monday, September 29, 2014

Friday, September 19, 2014

9/21 Chart Info

"Sight Unseen" enters the top 10 and "The Blob Symphony" falls 10-26. Will "Sight" become the mainstay for BLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik after "Taking Off' takes off? We'll see, but here are more details on this week after the break!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

9/14 Chart Info

First off, a note: due to inactivity, user votes are now no longer a thing. Comments shall now be reserved to opinions on the entries.

In any case, we have another relatively slow week, yay. There were actually several new entries: a couple of songs that had been tracked before and now get in boosted by vote power. However, none of the entries are actually from this week, and none of them reached the top 10 (though one that was likely obvious is close). For that information, start digging in!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Friday, August 29, 2014

8/31 and Votes for 9/7

Slow week, but that's not necessarily a bad thing! 3 songs return to the top ten, including "Chant of Mirth" which reaches its old peak.

Friday, August 22, 2014

8/24 and Votes for 8/31

Enjoy the latest of the charts! Soldiers of the Night reaches a new peak, BLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik requalify for views, and more!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday, July 27, 2014

7/27 and Votes for 8/3

Don't worry; in a few days, the video for this and last week will be uploaded! In the meantime, here's a summary of this week's events.

Don't forget to vote, and see past the break for a more detailed breakdown!

Monday, July 21, 2014

7/20 and Votes for 7/27

No video this week, but it'll come later. In the meantime we have a summary below the break and are still taking votes!

For a more detailed look at the chart, read past the break!

Friday, July 11, 2014

7/13 and Votes for 7/20 (Now with summary!)

May's rain heaps bring June's crop reaps? Well, it definitely resulted in a surprising yield of new smash hits, which have now gotten their votes established, including a multitude from 4everfreebrony. Be sure to vote for next week, when June's songs will likely be at peak performance!

Also, we now have a summary of all the highlights of the chart past the page break!

Friday, July 4, 2014

7/6 and Votes for 7/13

Phew! Finally I can trim out my 100+ song catalog. Want to fill it up again? Then vote!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

NOTE: 7/6 Tracking

Due to July 4th, all non-entries are getting their official viewcounts locked down today as opposed to Friday. Songs that begin tracking this week and have less than a full week will be done once the data for July 2 is available so that there is a relatively fair average because of debut inflation.

Also, if you plan to vote, do it in the previous post still.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

6/29 and Votes for 7/6

Weird week, with votes having increased power. If you want to exert your influence, now's the chance!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Chart Clarifications

Just a quick little update before this last video of the spring season:

  • A music video is now officially placed on the same level as a remake/remaster/VIP/etc. in terms of how it affects eligibility. This is because they too significantly rejuvenate interest in the song. Beat It becomes re-eligible this week and places #1 because of it!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

6/22 and Votes for 6/29

This was a pretty quiet week in terms of new songs. Let's fix that this week!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

6/15 and Votes for 6/22

You've seen the moves, now let's see what can change in this next week with some weekly votes! My advice: songs that were featured in the top 10 of May will most likely continue a boost of views into next week, so if you want to secure their places or get their re-entries, this is the time to vote for them!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

6/8 and Votes for 6/15

A new #1! Let's get some votes this week, though... In any case, next week should be when the monthlies are out, so there'll be some interesting stuff then.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday, May 24, 2014

5/25 and Votes for 6/1

Be sure to check the spreadsheet for all 3 charts of this week!

Remember, if you want to vote, you can vote for up to 3 songs!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

5/18 and Votes for 5/25

Sorry for not putting vote pages or updating the individual chart pages. Test season has been messing with me. In any case, you can view all the charts here. Also, the individual pages are gonna be pulled until summer, and this is your vote page. Same rules as usual, hope this can get some results!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

5/4: New leader in the midst of cleansing!

[We'll be back soon, but time is thin due to state tests and stuff. In the meantime, know that the current #1 is Entropy, aided by a remix, and you can see the specialty and Hot 50 lists for this week on the spreadsheet]

Saturday, April 26, 2014

4/27: Stop the Bats (Remix) logs a 6th week at #1; Mother Changeling reaches #10 and 4everfreebrony debuts in the range

[My reaction to the continued reign of #1]
Yup, Stop the Bats is still at the top, commanding the views chart handily this week. Let's go over the rest of the top 5 though, shall we?

Brony Polka returns to the #2 spot on the chart. It's actually retained the same number of views for the 7 weeks it's been tracked (2,600), but this was a week of general decline, allowing it to nab a high placement. Laughter maintains a tight grip on the #3 spot, with over 1,000 views and an especially strong vote count, much like the maintained #4, Moonlight. #5 this week is a recovery for Stay, which has lately been clustered with Bats! and Chant of Immortality after its remix's views tapered off.

2 songs enter the top 10 this week. The first is Mother Changeling, which is making a giant gain in views quite late in its lifecycle. The other is 4everfreebrony's latest debut Future (What Are the Odds) at #7. There were two previous debuts that aimed high for the top 10 but failed and then dropped off the very next week: Through the Fields at #11 and In the End at #18. Whether this song shall suffer the same fate is yet to be seen.

Specialty Charts for the Week 4/27: Same Leaders, New View Entries

As you can probably tell, Stop the Bats (Remix) and Moonlight are still doing their thing, so let's talk about what's changed quickly.

With no new votes for any songs in the top 10, Under the Sun swaps places with Moonrise, as the latter had extra votes last week. In views, there are two notable debuts: Future (What Are the Odds) at #3 and Eeyup (Ode to Big Mac) at #8.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

4/27 Voting

Vote here for songs you want to support on next week's chart! Remember, 3 song limit and it must be from no older than 10/1/13.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

4/20: Stop the Bats (Remix) remains in command, Make a Wish (Remix) holds its ground, and Prince Whateverer re-enters the Top 10 with a new track!

Credit: Psyguy
This week, there isn't much to mention, so let's break this down quickly!

The top 10 is relatively stable from last week. The big change is that You've Got the Music falls to #22, causing #4 - #10 of last week to move up 1 spot each. From that, Laughter finally hits the top 3, and Quest (This Can't Be All) hits a new peak of #6. The leader is still Stop the Bats (Remix), but it is on the decline in views, and while Make a Wish (Remix) is having its debut inflation wear, it's actually doing so at a slower rate than Stop the Bats is falling, so there is the very real chance it could take the crown in 1-3 weeks!

Filling in the #10 spot is Prince Whateverer, partnering up with Dreamchan yet again to bring a cover of It'll Be OK. Also debuting are two songs from the upcoming Fallout: Equestria game, bringing the swing of the 50s back to the charts in 2014, along with Mush and micro/muThunder.

Specialty Charts for the Week 4/20: A return to status quo as The Living Tombstone regains views

Hello there old pictorial friend. Let's take a look at these charts, shall we?

Votes had one movement this week, as Moonlight overtook Under the Sun for #6. Otherwise, it is identical to last week.

Views on the other hand are dynamic as always. The 2 big debuts last week have been deflated, but Make a Wish (Remix) keeps strong only falling to #2 (as opposed to You've Got the Music (DELIGHT Mix), which fell to #6). Naturally, Stop the Bats (Remix) returns to #1. However, it's worth noting that the song actually dropped in views more than Make a Wish, so the possibility of the latter regaining the top spot is relatively strong.

Brony Polka recovers to #3 at its constant 2,600 views, and Bats! maintains its cornerstone #5 spot while strengthening its views to 2,000. 3 debuts make their way to the chart: Prince Whateverer makes the largest with newly common collaborator Dreamchan with a cover of It'll Be OK at #4. Also debuting are Join the Herd and Step Around in the #9 and #10 spots.

The full specialty charts are up for viewing. Check back very soon for the full Hot 50 info!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

4/20 Voting

Voting ends on Friday at midnight EDT.

The only rule is that is must be from 6 months ago or newer (which means October 1st is the cutoff), and you can vote for 3 songs. Let's see how many votes we can get!

4/13: Stop the Bats (Remix) holds at #1 despite not dominating either Specialty

Credit: Gray-gold
The results are in, and with this crazy week with the new March votes, the removed October votes, and a new Views leader, The Living Tombstone still comes out unscathed in the end. Your days are numbered, Stop the Bats remix...

In any case, the song leads by 1000 pts. against two giant debuts: First off is Sim Gretina, whose remix of Make a Wish has the lead in views and snags #2 in its Hot 50 debut. Also close behind by 500 points is Foozogz's remix of Find the Music in You titled You've Got the Music (DELIGHT Mix), which also achieved #3 in views. Rounding out the top 5 are Laughter, still holding on to its #4 peak, and Moonlight, slowly approaching its debut peak. Also of note is the March votes #1, Quest (This Can't Be All), which debuted at #25 last week, has risen all the way to #7.

Now, this was a week where the votes got a major shuffling, and because of this, the ratio for the week was 45% votes and 55% views, a bigger preference for the former than any previous week. Despite this, there are an abundance of top 20 debuts this week, primarily from songs that debuted this week, not those that got voted highly (The exceptions being Foozogz' Make a Wish remix, which had the advantage of exposure from the #3 song which happened for all of Foozogz' songs this week, and Join the Herd, which gains the views of the original version of the cover along with the remaster). All told, there are 11 debuts and 1 re-entry (Morning Mist, #3 of March votes, comes back at #28). Combine this with the fact that the October songs lost their base votes, and there are quite a few of those songs that fell off this week, including Daring Do, Nightmare Night, and most notably Taking Flight, which was at #11 last week, but was supported by both the original and remix's votes, both of which were removed this week.

Check out the full list soon along with the Specialty Chart pages!

Specialty Charts for the Week 4/13: Moonlight maintains command over a shifted Votes category, while Sim Gretina takes views by storm with a large debut!

Oh look, a new image! You know what that means, so let's break down the info as always!

With the votes for March coming in, the top 10 has notably been shaken up, with mainstays Crusader and Taking Flight both falling off. In their place comes a new #3, Quest (This Can't Be All), BLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik's March #1 song, with 77 votes! Also entering outside of the top 5 are Morning Mist and Time is an Adventure, rounding out the top 10.

Moonlight is still a definite leader of the group, as February was an unusually active month for voting, and the #2 from that month, Laughter, keeps strong in the same spot on this chart. Both have vote counts in the triple digits. Forest Rain's Fluttershy actually reaches a new peak of #4 thanks to two of its competitors falling off while only one debut takes its place, and 4everfreebrony's Chant of Immortality does the same except up to #5.

The views chart gets shaken up by 4 massive debuts, the biggest one obviously being the Sim Gretina remix of Make a Wish, with 4459 average views! Also in the top 5 is Foozogz' remix of Find the Music in You, debuting at #3 with 4040 average views. Sandwiched in between is the former champion of the charts, Living Tombstone, with Stop the Bats' remix holding at 4,350 average views in the #2 slot. Debuting in the top 10 also are Here on the Moon and Starswirl the Bearded at #6 and #9.

The top 5 is rounded out by Brony Polka, falling to #4 though keeping 2,600 average views, and Bats!, which holds at #5 with 1,880 average views.

Be prepared for information on the full Hot 50 and updates to the chart pages soon!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

4/6: The Living Tombstone maintains the #1 and Eurobeat Brony makes his first Top 10 entry of the year!

Credit: Vexx3
This week, the Hot 50 gets shaken up by more votes, Eurobeat Brony enters the chart along with 7 other songs, and we can announce the results of the cleansing! First up, let's break down the top 5.

The Living Tombstone's remix of Stop the Bats demonstrates its sheer staying power on the chart, with 6425 points this week to remain at #1. However, his recent remix of Stay is now falling off debut inflation, now at #8, leaving Brony Polka to reclaim its former peak of #2. Hearts as Strong as Horses' remix by Sim Gretina is also holding strong after its debut last week, remaining at #3. AcoustiMandoBrony's Laughter has actually reached a new peak of #4, kicking Crusader down to #5. There was also one top 10 debut: Eurobeat Brony enters the chart at #7 with his new original track Batty!

Now, cleansing for the month of April has commenced. Check past the page break for full details.

Specialty Charts for the Week 4/6: Votes slightly shaken up, and bat fever has taken over Views

It's that time! Let's take a look at the Votes and Views charts for this week!

Now, the Votes top 5 has not changed, but I do have 2 pieces of good news: First off, there was one movement in the top 10 (Set in Stone has now risen 2 places, sending both Under the Sun and Moonrise 1 place down), and the date that the next toptenpony votes results will be revealed has been confirmed for April 10th, well in time for next week's chart! Just a reminder that this means that votes for October songs will be removed as well.

As for the Views, The Living Tombstone maintains a healthy lead with Stop the Bats (Remix), with 3,900 average daily views this week, starting the first consecutive #1 streak of the chart. Last week's biggest debut, Hearts as Strong as Horses' remix by Sim Gretina, maintains a strong hold on the #2 spot with 2,920 views. Brony Polka rebounds from its downward spiral to #3 while maintaining a 2,600 view average. Songs relating to Bats are also doing very well currently, with Eurobeat Brony's new original tune Batty debuting at #4 with an average 2,238 views and Bats!, Aftermath's remix of the show tune, rebounding to the #5 spot with 1,640 views after being marooned at #7 for 2 weeks.

Come soon for info on the full Hot 50!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

4/6 Voting

Voting ends on Friday at midnight EDT.

The only rule is that is must be from 6 months ago or newer (which now means October 1st is the cutoff), and you can vote for 3 songs. Hopefully we can get a better turnout this week!

3/30: The Living Tombstone brings his first lead back to the top!

Credit: Miss-Sheepy

2 top 10 entries and a revived #1? This week's chart is quite interesting, so let's take a glance!

Stop the Bats (Remix) returns to the top spot with the strong view counts still supporting it, though its total points are now 8660. The former #1, Stay (+Remix), had an impressive launch, but that inflation is finally gone, though it settles for #2 now at 5261 points.

#3 is an artist new to the top 10, Sim Gretina. Debuting a new remix of Hearts as Strong as Horses, he gains an incredible amount of views. Whether this will cause another dropoff next week remains to be seen. Also debuting outside of the top 5 is his track featuring frequent collaborator Kathy-chan, Runaway, at #9.

The former #4 and #5 swap spots, with Crusader (Are We There Yet) edging out Brony Polka by a mere 27 points! Note however that when March's votes come in, it and the following songs will not have the base votes to keep it high on the Hot 50:

  • Devil in Me / General Mumble feat. Tellab
  • Nightmare Night / Forest Rain
  • Daring Do / Sim Gretina feat. Kathy-chan
  • Taking Flight (Both Versions) / d.notive v.s. The Living Tombstone
  • Ashes / Aviators
  • When You Were Here / Mandopony
That will be in a couple of weeks, though, so don't worry! What will be happening next week, however, is the cleansing. Basically:
  • Songs charted from September are permanently removed. The only song this applies to is Faster than you Know, which is currently #16.
  • After that, any song that is not in the current Hot 50 of that week will no longer be actively tracked. However, if the song is voted (and still qualifies), it will get tracked again.
In any case, expect to see the chart pages updated in a bit!

Specialty Charts for the Week 3/30: The Votes Top 10 Fails to Shift / Stop the Bats (Remix) Regains Leadership of Views

It'll change when we get new leading artists!
As we do every Saturday, let's take a look at this week's specialty charts!

Once again, the views chart remains unchanged. There is however one way the chart can change before the monthly vote shift: there is currently a tie between #9 and #8, Set in Stone and Moonlight. If either someone votes for Set in Stone or the views tip in its favor, then it'll supplant Moonlight as #8.

Anyway, on the views front, Stop the Bats (Remix) by The Living Tombstone regains its top spot. Though it has declined slightly in views, now at 5250, the former competitor's 2 day inflation has finally quelled; Stay (+Remix) by Knife Pony has now settled at #3 with 3464 views, while Sim Gretina takes the #2 spot with his new remix of Hearts as Strong as Horses gaining 3612 average views in its own 2 day debut. #4 spot is claimed by the stable Brony Polka, remaining again at 2900 views, though slowly losing hold on the top 5 due to the big debuts. The top 5 is rounded out with another entry by Sim Gretina with Kathy-chan, Runaway, gaining 2250 views.

Check soon for the chart pages updated and the new Hot 50 info!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

3/30 Voting

Voting ends on Friday at midnight EDT.

The only rule is that is must be from 6 months ago or newer (and all the way up to the 1st of September, not necessarily the 20s), and you can vote for 3 songs. Hopefully we can get a better turnout this week!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

3/23: The Living Tombstone launches a new lead and holds the top 2 spots!

The Hot 50 chart of the week has been tabulated, and we have a new winner...well a new winning song; the artist is essentially the same. The Living Tombstone remix of "Stay" had a giant launch, giving it 11,000 daily average views (over 2 days) and easily dominating the Hot 50 and the View charts at No. 1. Last week's champion, "Stop the Bats (Remix)", also holds strong with a similar point total to last time, making this the first week two songs go over 10,000 Hot 50 Points (16216 and 10090, respectively). The No. 3 spot is held by "Chant of Immortality", boosted primarily by the music video released this week. It's worth noting that once again, the 3rd place song has managed a #1 monthly vote rank, which Stay (of which only the original was around for voting) and Stop the Bats (Remix) lack.

Rounding out the top 5 are the silver and bronze songs of last week, "Brony Polka" and "Crusader (Are We There Yet)". Despite the example given in the changes post of lyric videos, it turns out Crusader's video is unable to be tracked, so it is not able to take advantage of the latest rule adjustment.

In just a few minutes, the Hot 50 will be up in full to view!

Specialty Charts for the Week 3/23: "Moonlight" maintains a lead over a barely active voter base while Living Tombstone leads views with a new remix

Before we begin, let's summarize a few changes to the chart compared to last week:

  • Ratio of votes to views on the Hot 50 has adjusted to 41:59 as opposed to 2:3.
  • Weekly votes have begun, though there was only 1 other voter. I'm going to try to get more people interested soon enough.
  • Songs can enter the charts also through Equestria Daily's spotlight feature, since we had only 2 songs get charted from weekly votes.
  • PMVs are now tracked along with songs when applicable.
  • The Hot 50 will also be revealed on Saturday, though its "print date" will still be Sunday.
With that said, let's take our usual look at the specialty charts!

Unfortunately, since there were very few votes, only 1 song had any measure of gain this week. "Laughter" slightly narrowed "Moonlight"'s No. 1 by 1 point, making the win only by a 4 point margin. However, since votes are not reused between weeks, this sadly went to naught. Outside of the top 5, there are a few rises though. "When You Were Here" by Mandopony gained a vote, tying it with I'll Show You My Loyalty, and Foozogz's "Hearts RMX" ties his other major charter "Behold". Provided we don't get an influx of votes, the next major shift in this category will come in about 3 to 4 weeks time, when the March top 10 is released and the October base votes are officially removed.

The views category, on the other hand, has had a major shaking up. The surprise launch of The Living Tombstone's remix of Knife Pony's "Stay" gave it two impressive launch days, averaging 11,400 views per day counting both versions and handily netting it the No. 1 spot! The lead over the No. 2 is a little less than half this time, as "Stop the Bats"' remix, also by The Living Tombstone, maintains a strong bow with 6,150 views. Behind it, "Brony Polka" falls to No. 3 while keeping a strong figure of 2,900 average daily views this week. A newcomer to the views chart is "Chant of Immortality", firmly benefiting from the PMV launched this week to net a solid No. 4 with around 2,869 points. Rounding out the top 5 is "Crusader (Are We There Yet)", which was unable to take advantage of its lyric video due to no stats but still produced an average of 1,900 views.

Come soon for the news on the full Hot 50 and an update to the main chart pages!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Note: Special Cases

Just a few things I thought were worth clearing up about the charts for those curious:

  • Like real Billboard, the official remix rule applies. To give an example from Billboard, two major songs that became top ten hits mainly were able to extend their reigns thanks to the rule: Cruise (An initial 20 week run usually means it's gone for good, but the remix featuring Nelly appended that run and counted toward its year-end success) and Summertime Sadness (Admittedly, the original wasn't around for too long, but it was the Cedric Gervais remix that made it to the top 10 under its banner). A more current example is Radioactive, which saw gains after the Grammys in part due to the newer remix featuring Kendrick Lamar contributing to its points. Likewise, in this first week of the Brony Music Billboard, two songs have had similar situations: Taking Flight (launching high into the top 10 votes and rounding out the overall top 10 due to the success of both the original version and The Living Tombstone's remix) and Someone Like Me (Though the acoustic version does not gain the base votes of the original since it is past the 5 month cutoff of base votes, it does still earn the views, bolstering it noticeably).
  • Though it didn't apply to this week's chart, official PMVs and music videos will count towards a song's view points. Now, it actually has to be noticed by the artist and of particular effort and attention to count (i.e. just like amateur remixes, a 102 view simple PMV isn't going to cut it). A good example would be the Chant of Immortality video, which, by the way, is basically going to guarantee the song a top 5 spot thanks to several thousand views in just the first day! Note that lyric videos of a certain caliber will also qualify, such as the Crusader (Are We There Yet) one.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

3/23 Voting

Want to see a certain song get credit where its due? Want to help secure a song's lead or help to move it up the charts? Well, all you have to do is vote on this page. Some conditions:

  • You can vote for 3 songs maximum.
  • The song must be from at furthest 6 months ago, starting at the beginning of the month (so, songs from 9/1/13 are allowed until the first week of April).
Note that voting for a song does not guarantee it will appear on the chart, since there are also the average weekly views to account for. Also, weekly votes only apply to the week voted on, otherwise certain fan favorites would get to a vote count where they could last forever!

UPDATE: Voting is done at midnight EDT! As of now, no major placements have changed, but if you're fast, they might!

3/16: The Living Tombstone Takes the Hot 50 by Storm!

Our first Hot 50 has been tabulated, and The Living Tombstone is the first #1. However, before we go into detail, let's explain how this chart works.

As you can tell from the previous post, there are 2 categories that factor in: votes and views. In the future, there will hopefully be a good quantity of votes on this site, but until then, the base values used are from the TopTenPony monthly charts. Because of this, it only has a 33% weight on the Hot 50, while daily average for the week ends up with the 67% majority. Once enough votes come in, the ratio will become 50-50, but until then, expect to see the #1 for the views ending up winning the Hot 50 as well for a while.

Anyway, The Living Tombstone becomes our first #1 with his remix of "Stop the Bats", largely fueled by both his overall popularity and the popularity of show remixes to end up with over 12,000 chart points! Like the views chart, this is over 100% past the closest competition, which is again "Brony Polka", coming in at almost 4,800 points. "Crusader" ends up higher than the views chart at #3, due to its #1 for its month's votes, a feat the top 2 did not achieve. Meanwhile, the #1 for votes, "Moonlight", bows at #4, and the top 5 is rounded out by AcoustiMandoBrony's "Laughter".

Come soon to see the full charts for the Hot 50 and the specialty charts!

Specialty Charts for the Week 3/16: "Moonlight" entrances voters while Living Tombstone's "Stop the Bats (Remix)" dominates the views

This week's the first for our charts, and we're off to a big start with some large names heading the specialty charts! As we will in the future do every Saturday, let's take a glimpse at what's dominating the separate category charts.

The votes category is a little underdeveloped at the moment. In subsequent weeks, site votes will factor in, but for now, all we have are the base monthly votes from TopTenPony of the last  5 months. That said, this week's #1 is snatched by BLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik with "Moonlight", a calm song described by the artists as a great car tune. The duo have been no strangers to the popular vote in recent months, with all of their singles reaching #1 spots in their months and their second single "Crusader (Are We There Yet)" being voted #1 song of the year in the TopTenPony year-end chart.

Following close behind is Laughter by AcoustiMandoBrony, also the #2 of the February monthly chart. The 4th song in the "Elements" series, it also benefited from the exposure to the series produced by the special EP release of the first song in the series, "Loyalty", featuring remixes by top artists including the #1 of the views, The Living Tombstone.

#3 is the aforementioned Crusader (Are We There Yet), which is also riding high on views thanks to its #1 year-end achievement, #4 is Taking Flight, with points split between the original and Living Tombstone, both of which debuted in the same month, and rounding out the top 5 is Forest Rain's "Fluttershy".

As for the average daily views (of the week) category, The Living Tombstone has completely wiped out closest competition by over 100% with his remix of "Stop the Bats", still maintaining an average of around 7,500 views. Said competition arrives from AnimatedJames with his 9 minute Brony Polka, done in tribute to Weird Al Yankovic, with around 2,900 average views, and is closely followed by another remix of "Stop the Bats" entitled "Bats!" by Aftermath. Despite debuting in December, having a disadvantage in the votes category due to the focus on the year-end chart, it maintains an astounding average of 2,000 views.

#4 goes to Crusader as mentioned at 1,770, and the top 5 is closed out with "Moonlight" at 1,140 views.

Come later today, when the charts will be updated in full, including the Hot 50 itself!