Saturday, November 15, 2014

11/16 Chart Info

Last week actually had a little quirk that I didn't notice but worked well. Now I'm officially making it the new formula: Only songs with votes get averaged for the balancing, so that songs entirely based on vote points don't end up artificially gaining throughout the month due to more new songs which don't have votes.

Anyway, Five Nights at Freddy's indeed makes a move to #1, as it also gains on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Digital songs 24-22 while maintaining its bullet. Also debuting high in the brony scene is YourEnigma with a new song that concludes The Call EP's new songs: "Follow You Down", which features Castwing. Also, a remix from the EP for "On Hold" by The L-Train propels the song to a new peak in the top 10 along with the entry of his own "Sound Barrier" cover and a re-entry for "Rainbow Rocks" thanks to the new votes.

Bubbling Under
1. Let the Magic Fill Your Soul / WoodLore
2. Silent Nightmare / Radiarc
3. I Don't Complain / Luna Jax
4. I've Got You / Chi-Chi & Turquoise Splash
5. On Your Own / Luna Jax

4. Beat It
12. Soldiers of the Night
13. On Hold (+Redial) (+Remix)
18. Chant of Mirth
25. Dregs of a Bitter Cup
28. Cold (+Remix)
29. No Chance
31. Tell Me
37. The Blob Symphony
38. Rainbow Factory (Synesthesia)
43. Tough Luck
44. Do You Want to See the Moon Rise?
54. Sight Unseen
62. Harmony Ascendant
70. Rarity Tears
87. Violet Eyes
109. Five Nights at Freddy's
114. Frailty
149. Follow You Down
161. Above Equestria

1. Beat It
2. Dregs of a Bitter Cup
3. Soldiers of the Night
4. Tell Me
5. No Chance
6. Sight Unseen
7. Chant of Mirth
9. Rainbow Factory (Synesthesia)
10. The Blob Symphony
11. Cold (+Remix)
14. On Hold (+Redial) (+Remix)
16. Harmony Ascendant
17. Tough Luck
19. Rarity Tears
25. Do You Want to See the Moon Rise?
27. Violet Eyes
33. Five Nights at Freddy's
36. Frailty
49. Follow You Down
56. Above Equestria

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