Friday, November 21, 2014

11/23 Chart Info

In 2 weeks, this chart will grow into a 100 position chart, however some other changes will be made:
  • Songs with more direct ties to other fandoms (the 2 FNAF songs on right now most specifically) will be ineligible
  • Any song from pre-summer 2014 will be ineligible (Beat It, Dregs of a Bitter Cup), and videos for eligible songs before June 2014 will not be tracked (On Hold, Academy)
  • Vote points will now have a flat value in order to properly incorporate bulleting.
  • There will now be a recurrency rule, though it will be slightly stricter than Billboard due to the nature of some hits
    • 20 Weeks means you need to be in the top half, as expected
    • 26 Weeks (a.k.a. half a year) requires being in the top 40.
    • 30 Weeks needs you in the top 30
    • 39 Weeks (3/4 year) requires being in the top quarter of the chart
    • 52 Weeks requires being in the top 20
In any case, enjoy these last 2 weeks for the former, because Five Nights at Freddy's is surging in points all the way to over 100,000 as it gains broader appeal. However, Prince Whateverer takes an impressive 3 songs to the top ten, including two brand new collaborations with Dreamchan!

Bubbling Under
1. Something More / Rarity
2. Discord (Remix) / SCP
3. I Don't Complain / Luna Jax
4. I've Got You / Chi-Chi & Turquoise Splash
5. Sign My Flank / Vylet Pony

1. Beat It
2. Dregs of a Bitter Cup
3. Soldiers of the Night (+Remix)
4. Tell Me
5. No Chance
6. Chant of Mirth
7. Sight Unseen
8. Rainbow Factory (Synesthesia)
10. Cold (+Remix)
12. On Hold (+Redial) (+Remix)
14. Harmony Ascendant
19. Rarity Tears
26. Violet Eyes
28. Five Nights at Freddy's
31. Frailty
37. Confrontation
50. Survive the Night
54. Awesome as I Wanna Be
57. Beyond the Horizon
59. Rainbow Dash's Character Theme

3. Beat It
10. Soldiers of the Night (+Remix)
13. On Hold (+Redial) (+Remix)
18. Chant of Mirth
22. Dregs of a Bitter Cup
25. Cold (+Remix)
26. No Chance
30. Tell Me
33. Rainbow Factory (Synesthesia)
48. Sight Unseen
60. Harmony Ascendant
67. Rarity Tears
86. Violet Eyes
102. Five Nights at Freddy's
105. Frailty
112. Confrontation
150. Survive the Night
154. Awesome as I Wanna Be
157. Beyond the Horizon
163. Rainbow Dash's Character Theme


  1. where can this chart be physically seen?