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7/13 and Votes for 7/20 (Now with summary!)

May's rain heaps bring June's crop reaps? Well, it definitely resulted in a surprising yield of new smash hits, which have now gotten their votes established, including a multitude from 4everfreebrony. Be sure to vote for next week, when June's songs will likely be at peak performance!

Also, we now have a summary of all the highlights of the chart past the page break!

"Beat It" remains crown champion, leading both the Hot 50 and Views for a third straight week. This week the winning factor was of 3.4x the chart points as the #2 competitor. View counts have been on the decline since debut of the music video, but said decline is stabilizing in the 20,000s.

"Stop the Bats" returns to the silver spot, fueled in part by a new cover of the remix by Russians GalaVoices and Sayonara. Though the video does not supply the song with view points, it does end up giving it 37 votes adding on to the 44 it had from February. This finally enables it to debut on the Votes chart at #5. However, it won't last long, as the February votes will be swapped out around the second week of August.

"Brony Polka" returns to #3, with views showing remarkable growth. This could be runoff from the success of Beat It. However, don't get too cozy, because the song will be ineligible to chart at the beginning of August, leading to the possibility of it falling off from the top 5, worse than Vinylicious' #7 fall earlier in the year.

#4 and #5 are both debuts. Prince Whateverer takes the higher of the 2 with "Pursuing Fortune" a love song with some speed and power to it. #5 is taken by "Wild Fire", the new collab between Mandopony and Silva Hound. Will this one have the staying power of Mandopony's last collab (which we'll look at soon)? There's a possibility, since Silva is one of the established acts in the fandom.

As "Beat It" slows down, so too does the voting power go down. As such, "Laughter" and "Moonlight" both fall a rung from last week. The vote swap for August is going to have big ramifications on the chart if they don't bring a new 3 digit song, because July only brought one to replace these.

Said song is "Soldiers of the Night", June's #1 track according to the toptenpony poll, which reaches a new highpoint of #8 this week (It had debuted at #11). The big ticket items of the month were apparently giant collabs between 3 people that somehow involved 4everfreebrony. (This song credits him as featured, "Chant of Mirth" has him as the lead, and "Cold" co-credits him) How did those runner-ups fare? "Chant of Mirth" re-enters the chart at #15 and "Cold" jumps from #44 to #18.

"Do You Want to See the Moon Rise?" slips from its #2 debut last week to #9, maintaining a strong views count. It's worth noting that, had the song been voted in at any point in the year, it would have still been in the top 10. In any case, it'll still do well on the year-end.

"Taking Off" drops to #10 this week, while its successor "Academy" falls off the top 10 to #11. Also from the album, "Set in Stone" falls off the chart thanks to the vote swap and "Quest (This Can't Be All)" slips from #11 to #12.

"Entropy" falls off the top 10 thanks to the vote swap, dropping from #7 to #14. Consequently, it falls off the Votes chart. Its views are in gradual decline, so it is doubtful that it will return to the top 10.

Forest Rain's new single "Something Special" debuts at #20. This appears to be the summer jam successor to "A Summer in the Stars". Meanwhile, his other tracks "Join the Herd" and "Fluttershy" fall 22-24 and 27-33.

4everfreebrony debuts the new track "Desert of Wishes" at #38, coupled with a new album release. Will this follow the trajectory of some of his smaller singles like "Sky Dream" and "Wings", where they lasted 2 weeks before dropping off? Only time will tell.

"Another Mare" returns to the chart at #41 thanks to its new votes, barely missing its #40 debut highpoint. Next week is the prime opportunity to beat it, as the exposure from votes usually results in a boost to views. TAPS also holds on with "Sound Barrier", continuing to be propped by the "B r o k e n" remix, which goes 41-42 this week.

"Away in the Sky" re-enters at #46. Like other Mandopony solo efforts, this one is solely backed by votes, which will serve as a general barometer as to how the chart as a whole is moving. Likewise, the older "Not Like Me (Maud's Song)" falls 29-35 while "Better Than You" falls off the top spot.

"Into the Green" and "Dreamchaser Stargazer" return to #47 and #48 respectively. These 2 have had relative stability and took advantage of the vote swap to stick around. Speaking of, there is one more song from the vote swap that actually survived: "Manehattan" drops from #17 to #49.

So, how are the top performing songs of the week and the new entries faring on the year end and summer charts? Let's take a look:

#1: Brony Polka
#2: Stop the Bats
#3: Laughter
#4: Moonlight
#25: Taking Off
#73: Beat It
#80: Do You Want to See the Moon Rise?
#82: Soldiers of the Night
#85: Chant of Mirth
#101: Pursuing Fortune
#103: Wild Fire
#114: Away in the Sky
#120: Something Special
#122: Dreamchaser Stargazer
#124: Into the Green
#136: Another Mare
#147: Desert of Wishes 

#1: Beat It
#2: Stop the Bats
#3: Brony Polka
#4: Laughter
#5: Do You Want to See the Moon Rise?
#6: Moonlight
#7: Taking Off
#23: Soldiers of the Night
#24: Pursuing Fortune
#27: Wild Fire
#36: Chant of Mirth
#39: Something Special
#49: Desert of Wishes
#51: Another Mare
#56: Away in the Sky
#57: Into the Gree
#58: Dreamchaser Stargazer

Be sure to check next week for a new summary!

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