Monday, July 21, 2014

7/20 and Votes for 7/27

No video this week, but it'll come later. In the meantime we have a summary below the break and are still taking votes!

For a more detailed look at the chart, read past the break!
"Beat It" gains in views this week to keep the #1 spot, widening its margin with the #2 to 370% as opposed to 340% last week. Will it be able to fend off "Stop the Bats" from regaining the crown until the vote swap? Time will tell.

"Stop the Bats" itself has been gaining thanks to additional exposure from the Russian version that got votes last month. It is now at 4800 views average and keeps high on the votes chart thanks to its double dose.

"Brony Polka" holds at #3, keeping up its post-Beat It exposure level. The song will be ineligible in 2 weeks.

"Laughter", boosted by several giant views debuts, lands in the top 5 again in #4. It also beefs up again to 960 views.

"Soldiers of the Night", now benefiting fully from the votes exposure, reaches a new peak of #5 on the chart. Once "Laughter" and "Moonlight" are gone, will it be filling their general spot?

#6 is the home of the hot shot debut for the week: "The Blob Symphony" by OhPonyBoy. Having an animation right away, its view counts are especially strong, and judging by previous videos like "Princess Luna's Whine", this song could have longevity on the charts.

"Moonlight" stalls in views and thus doesn't match up with Laughter's position jump, holding at #7.

"Taking Off" recovers 10-8 on the chart and "Academy" re-enters the top 10 at #9. Now that the album approaches release, could these newer singles get back to their peak positions?

Rounding out the top 10 is another debut, and a late one at that: "Rarity Tears" covered by The Living Tombstone. Finally getting onto tracking thanks to a new animation, it likely won't last on the top 10 but could stick around the rest of the chart.

A late addition to the chart in the other sense (it was the reason the chart took until Friday night to finalize), "Ride Pony Ride" debuts at #11, a new collab between Replacer and Howard Herrick. Replacer's signature style gets the 70's/80's treatment, and what results is an energetic dance jam!

"Do You Want to See the Moon Rise?" falls 9-12. However, it maintains its 2650 views, sticking in the Views top 10.

Aviators debuts another track on the chart, this time being "Upside Down", inspired by the Flutterbat character. Debuting at #22, it ends up right next to "Revenge" at 22-23. Meanwhile, "Reach (All Along)", the collaboration with 4everfreebrony tumbles 23-29.

The big debuts of last week have collapsed. #4 debuting "Pursuing Fortune" is now only #44. Prince Whateverer's other tracks "Constellations" and "It'll Be OK" fall 26-31 and 30-32 respectively. "Wild Fire", the Mandopony and Silva Hound collaboration, crashes even further to #48.

2 of June's voted songs finally make their debuts on the chart. At #49 is FritzyBeat's "Bridesmaids", his first chart entry as a lead artist. He had previously gotten closest with "Heceta" and "The Paladin". Rounding out the chart at #50 is Vylet Pony's "Letter & Requiem", a look into Derpy's past.

So, there were a ton of new songs added to tracking this week, but few actually made it to the chart. What got closest? Well, I now present the heatseekers for the first time! These are songs that have not yet made it to the chart at all, for the record, so it won't be known if there were some songs that dropped off but are closer.

1. I Don't Complain / Luna Jax
2. I've Got You / Turquoise Splash feat. Chi-Chi
3. Just Another Day in the Skies / BluNoseReindeer feat. Chi-Chi
4. No Fear / Knife Pony feat. Eurobeat Brony & Nexgen
5. First Season / Night Breeze

Also, an ongoing look at where the debuts and high performers of the week are in the summary charts:

1. Brony Polka
2. Stop the Bats
3. Laughter
4. Moonlight
21. Taking Off
44. Academy
68. Beat It
76. Soldiers of the Night
104. The Blob Symphony
111. Rarity Tears
114. Ride Pony Ride
128. Upside Down
178. Bridesmaids
185. Letter & Requiem

1. Beat It
2. Stop the Bats
3. Brony Polka
4. Laughter
5. Moonlight
7. Taking Off
8. Academy
15. Soldiers of the Night
35. The Blob Symphony
38. Rarity Tears
39. Ride Pony Ride
46. Upside Down
63. Bridesmaids
65. Letter & Requiem

Be sure to check us out next week! There won't be a video again, but a summary will be posted!

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