Sunday, July 27, 2014

7/27 and Votes for 8/3

Don't worry; in a few days, the video for this and last week will be uploaded! In the meantime, here's a summary of this week's events.

Don't forget to vote, and see past the break for a more detailed breakdown!

"Beat It" remains chart leader with a slight increase in view points. It has now the first song (barring the previous #1) that did not end up with either 1 or 4 weeks on the top spot, as it is now on its fifth week, both on the chart and at #1. It's victory factor decreases this week to 86% more points than the runnerup, however.

"No Chance" is the biggest debut of the week, at over 13000 views on its debut, translating to 19821 points on the chart this week. This is the big return for dBPony, who has been inactive in releasing singles aside from an acoustic version of his 2012 hit "Wonderbolt" and a cover of "Hearts as Strong as Horses" early in the year (incidentally, the Sim Gretina remix of said song tumbles 25-37 this week). MictheMicrophone features as well, previously proving his star power this year as part of the supergroup TwentyTen for the #8 peaking "Moving On".

One more giant debut is also around. Classic artist Glaze brings another contest entry song to massive success: "Tough Luck". The views for its debut were over 10000, marking this the first week where 3 songs top 10,000 views. The Basshunter contest entry "I'm an A**hunter, Gimme That Booty" falls this week 15-21.

"Stop the Bats" is down to #4 for the first time in its chart run. Views stumble to 4350, though its votes were very powerful this week along with all others, as the giant debuts caused nearly as much of a imbalance as when "Beat It" itself debuted at over 60000. The Living Tombstone's remix of "Stay" falls 21-27 and cover of "Rarity Tears" falls off entirely from its #10 debut.

"Laughter" falls to #5 while "Moonlight" rises to #6. The latter decreases in views slightly but makes up in voting power, remaining #1 on the Votes chart. "Soldiers of the Night" tailgates these 2 at #7, poised to be the new #1 for Votes once July's votes come in to swap.

WeimTime nabs his biggest debut as of yet with a Synesthesia rendition of "Rainbow Factory" at #8. A similar rendition of "Apples to the Core" resulted in a #43 debut in June. Aiding this song's performance are its classic appeal and its 2 versions: one written as a solo and the other as a duet.

"Taking Off" stumbles to #9. It's worth noting that BLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik's album "IMmortal" debuted yesterday, which could result in singles boosts next week for the remaining songs. For the record, "Academy" falls 9-11 and "Quest (This Can't Be All)" rises 13-12.

4everfreebrony debuts a new cover of "Happy" entitled "Poni" at #10, aided by Sax Brony. The original song was a 10 week #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and remains at #12 as of writing. As for his multitude of other songs: "Chant of Mirth" holds at #14, "House of Glass" climbs 16-15, "Here on the Moon" holds at #17, his cocredited "Cold" falls 19-20, "Time is an Adventure" tumbles 28-30, and "Under the Sun" holds at #35.

"Brony Polka" collapses 3-13. It had a moderate decline to 3200 views and as you can see, there were a host of giant views debuts to fill the void. It will be ineligible next week.

TAPS' new single "My Rarity" makes a debut at #16. His previous trap collaboration with rappers Rhyme Flow and Nexgen, "Another Mare", falls 38-44 this week.

The same week that dBPony makes his return, a cover of one of his hits makes the top 20. Singing as Rainbow Dash, PurpleRosalyn takes "Wonderbolt" to #18.

MelodicPony debuts "Luna's Determination" at #19. This is the orchestral artist's debut on the chart as well.

Many songs crash this week out of the top 20. Last week's hot shot "The Blob Symphony" falls 6-23, "Moonrise" falls 20-24, "Do You Want to See the Moon Rise?" plummets 12-25, and "Entropy" continues to fall 18-26.

Aviators debuts "Set Me Free" at #22. It's worth noting that Aviators has decided to disable stats on many of his videos. This causes "Upside Down" and "Reach (All Along)" to fall off the chart and for "Revenge" to plummet 23-39. "Someone Like Me" is an exception, and it slides 37-40.

There's another Fallout: Equestria project in town. While the video game project was represented on the chart with "Mane Squeeze" and "Step Around", an animation project is also underway, and its "Main Theme" debuts at #47.

There were over 20 songs added to tracking this week, so there was naturally much that couldn't make the chart. Thus, I once again present Bubbling Under:

1. Celestia Prime / Aftermath
2. I Don't Complain / Luna Jax
3. The Last Octave / Starlight & Faux Snyder
4. Anthropology / Bloo
5. Smile On / Vylet Pony

Also, the current relevant Summer and Fall standings (though now I remove the debuts' positions, because all that reveals is how low the chart goes; instead, I'll list the current top 20):

1. Brony Polka
2. Stop the Bats
3. Laughter
4. Moonlight
14. Quest (This Can't Be All)
20. Taking Off
25. Here on the Moon
41. Academy
45. House of Glass
65. Beat It
71. Soldiers of the Night
74. Chant of Mirth
78. Cold
104. No Chance
105. Tough Luck
112. Rainbow Factory (Synesthesia)
117. Poni
125. My Rarity
128. Wonderbolt
129. Luna's Determination

1. Beat It
2. Stop the Bats
3. Laughter
4. Brony Polka
5. Moonlight
6. Taking Off
7. Academy
8. Quest (This Can't Be All)
10. House of Glass
13. Here on the Moon
14. Soldiers of the Night
17. Chant of Mirth
19. Cold
38. No Chance
39. Tough Luck
41. Rainbow Factory (Synesthesia)
43. Poni
48. My Rarity
50. Wonderbolt
51. Luna's Determination

See you guys next week and don't forget to vote!

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