Saturday, March 29, 2014

3/30: The Living Tombstone brings his first lead back to the top!

Credit: Miss-Sheepy

2 top 10 entries and a revived #1? This week's chart is quite interesting, so let's take a glance!

Stop the Bats (Remix) returns to the top spot with the strong view counts still supporting it, though its total points are now 8660. The former #1, Stay (+Remix), had an impressive launch, but that inflation is finally gone, though it settles for #2 now at 5261 points.

#3 is an artist new to the top 10, Sim Gretina. Debuting a new remix of Hearts as Strong as Horses, he gains an incredible amount of views. Whether this will cause another dropoff next week remains to be seen. Also debuting outside of the top 5 is his track featuring frequent collaborator Kathy-chan, Runaway, at #9.

The former #4 and #5 swap spots, with Crusader (Are We There Yet) edging out Brony Polka by a mere 27 points! Note however that when March's votes come in, it and the following songs will not have the base votes to keep it high on the Hot 50:

  • Devil in Me / General Mumble feat. Tellab
  • Nightmare Night / Forest Rain
  • Daring Do / Sim Gretina feat. Kathy-chan
  • Taking Flight (Both Versions) / d.notive v.s. The Living Tombstone
  • Ashes / Aviators
  • When You Were Here / Mandopony
That will be in a couple of weeks, though, so don't worry! What will be happening next week, however, is the cleansing. Basically:
  • Songs charted from September are permanently removed. The only song this applies to is Faster than you Know, which is currently #16.
  • After that, any song that is not in the current Hot 50 of that week will no longer be actively tracked. However, if the song is voted (and still qualifies), it will get tracked again.
In any case, expect to see the chart pages updated in a bit!

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