Sunday, March 16, 2014

Specialty Charts for the Week 3/16: "Moonlight" entrances voters while Living Tombstone's "Stop the Bats (Remix)" dominates the views

This week's the first for our charts, and we're off to a big start with some large names heading the specialty charts! As we will in the future do every Saturday, let's take a glimpse at what's dominating the separate category charts.

The votes category is a little underdeveloped at the moment. In subsequent weeks, site votes will factor in, but for now, all we have are the base monthly votes from TopTenPony of the last  5 months. That said, this week's #1 is snatched by BLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik with "Moonlight", a calm song described by the artists as a great car tune. The duo have been no strangers to the popular vote in recent months, with all of their singles reaching #1 spots in their months and their second single "Crusader (Are We There Yet)" being voted #1 song of the year in the TopTenPony year-end chart.

Following close behind is Laughter by AcoustiMandoBrony, also the #2 of the February monthly chart. The 4th song in the "Elements" series, it also benefited from the exposure to the series produced by the special EP release of the first song in the series, "Loyalty", featuring remixes by top artists including the #1 of the views, The Living Tombstone.

#3 is the aforementioned Crusader (Are We There Yet), which is also riding high on views thanks to its #1 year-end achievement, #4 is Taking Flight, with points split between the original and Living Tombstone, both of which debuted in the same month, and rounding out the top 5 is Forest Rain's "Fluttershy".

As for the average daily views (of the week) category, The Living Tombstone has completely wiped out closest competition by over 100% with his remix of "Stop the Bats", still maintaining an average of around 7,500 views. Said competition arrives from AnimatedJames with his 9 minute Brony Polka, done in tribute to Weird Al Yankovic, with around 2,900 average views, and is closely followed by another remix of "Stop the Bats" entitled "Bats!" by Aftermath. Despite debuting in December, having a disadvantage in the votes category due to the focus on the year-end chart, it maintains an astounding average of 2,000 views.

#4 goes to Crusader as mentioned at 1,770, and the top 5 is closed out with "Moonlight" at 1,140 views.

Come later today, when the charts will be updated in full, including the Hot 50 itself!

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