Sunday, March 23, 2014

3/30 Voting

Voting ends on Friday at midnight EDT.

The only rule is that is must be from 6 months ago or newer (and all the way up to the 1st of September, not necessarily the 20s), and you can vote for 3 songs. Hopefully we can get a better turnout this week!


  1. Mine this time is:

    Love Letters / Griffinilla + ToastWaffle
    Better Than You / Mandopony
    Winter Spirit / Foozogz

    Also, as a reminder, you can vote songs you already voted last week. In fact the votes for last week (and any previous week later on) will not factor in to this week's chart.

  2. Laughter / AcoustiMandoBrony
    Through the Fields / 4everfreebrony
    Faster than You Know / BLACKGRYPH0N & BAASIK