Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Note: Special Cases

Just a few things I thought were worth clearing up about the charts for those curious:

  • Like real Billboard, the official remix rule applies. To give an example from Billboard, two major songs that became top ten hits mainly were able to extend their reigns thanks to the rule: Cruise (An initial 20 week run usually means it's gone for good, but the remix featuring Nelly appended that run and counted toward its year-end success) and Summertime Sadness (Admittedly, the original wasn't around for too long, but it was the Cedric Gervais remix that made it to the top 10 under its banner). A more current example is Radioactive, which saw gains after the Grammys in part due to the newer remix featuring Kendrick Lamar contributing to its points. Likewise, in this first week of the Brony Music Billboard, two songs have had similar situations: Taking Flight (launching high into the top 10 votes and rounding out the overall top 10 due to the success of both the original version and The Living Tombstone's remix) and Someone Like Me (Though the acoustic version does not gain the base votes of the original since it is past the 5 month cutoff of base votes, it does still earn the views, bolstering it noticeably).
  • Though it didn't apply to this week's chart, official PMVs and music videos will count towards a song's view points. Now, it actually has to be noticed by the artist and of particular effort and attention to count (i.e. just like amateur remixes, a 102 view simple PMV isn't going to cut it). A good example would be the Chant of Immortality video, which, by the way, is basically going to guarantee the song a top 5 spot thanks to several thousand views in just the first day! Note that lyric videos of a certain caliber will also qualify, such as the Crusader (Are We There Yet) one.

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