Saturday, March 22, 2014

Specialty Charts for the Week 3/23: "Moonlight" maintains a lead over a barely active voter base while Living Tombstone leads views with a new remix

Before we begin, let's summarize a few changes to the chart compared to last week:

  • Ratio of votes to views on the Hot 50 has adjusted to 41:59 as opposed to 2:3.
  • Weekly votes have begun, though there was only 1 other voter. I'm going to try to get more people interested soon enough.
  • Songs can enter the charts also through Equestria Daily's spotlight feature, since we had only 2 songs get charted from weekly votes.
  • PMVs are now tracked along with songs when applicable.
  • The Hot 50 will also be revealed on Saturday, though its "print date" will still be Sunday.
With that said, let's take our usual look at the specialty charts!

Unfortunately, since there were very few votes, only 1 song had any measure of gain this week. "Laughter" slightly narrowed "Moonlight"'s No. 1 by 1 point, making the win only by a 4 point margin. However, since votes are not reused between weeks, this sadly went to naught. Outside of the top 5, there are a few rises though. "When You Were Here" by Mandopony gained a vote, tying it with I'll Show You My Loyalty, and Foozogz's "Hearts RMX" ties his other major charter "Behold". Provided we don't get an influx of votes, the next major shift in this category will come in about 3 to 4 weeks time, when the March top 10 is released and the October base votes are officially removed.

The views category, on the other hand, has had a major shaking up. The surprise launch of The Living Tombstone's remix of Knife Pony's "Stay" gave it two impressive launch days, averaging 11,400 views per day counting both versions and handily netting it the No. 1 spot! The lead over the No. 2 is a little less than half this time, as "Stop the Bats"' remix, also by The Living Tombstone, maintains a strong bow with 6,150 views. Behind it, "Brony Polka" falls to No. 3 while keeping a strong figure of 2,900 average daily views this week. A newcomer to the views chart is "Chant of Immortality", firmly benefiting from the PMV launched this week to net a solid No. 4 with around 2,869 points. Rounding out the top 5 is "Crusader (Are We There Yet)", which was unable to take advantage of its lyric video due to no stats but still produced an average of 1,900 views.

Come soon for the news on the full Hot 50 and an update to the main chart pages!

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