Saturday, April 5, 2014

4/6: The Living Tombstone maintains the #1 and Eurobeat Brony makes his first Top 10 entry of the year!

Credit: Vexx3
This week, the Hot 50 gets shaken up by more votes, Eurobeat Brony enters the chart along with 7 other songs, and we can announce the results of the cleansing! First up, let's break down the top 5.

The Living Tombstone's remix of Stop the Bats demonstrates its sheer staying power on the chart, with 6425 points this week to remain at #1. However, his recent remix of Stay is now falling off debut inflation, now at #8, leaving Brony Polka to reclaim its former peak of #2. Hearts as Strong as Horses' remix by Sim Gretina is also holding strong after its debut last week, remaining at #3. AcoustiMandoBrony's Laughter has actually reached a new peak of #4, kicking Crusader down to #5. There was also one top 10 debut: Eurobeat Brony enters the chart at #7 with his new original track Batty!

Now, cleansing for the month of April has commenced. Check past the page break for full details.

[KEY: Bold = Newly Removed from Chart, Plain = Already Removed from Chart, Italics = Tracked, but never charted]

To begin with, due to the 6 month eligibility, this means the following songs were forced out. Note that they may not be voted back in:

  • Faster than you Know / BLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik
  • Shimmer On / Mandopony

After those songs were off the charts, the ones that are past the Hot 50 are officially taken off tracking. They may be voted back in:

  • Flutter / 4everfreebrony feat. Giggly Maria
  • The Joy of Waiting / JoaftheLoaf
  • Devil in Me / General Mumble feat. Tellab
  • Lulamoon / Psychgoth feat. Rina-chan
  • Endeavor / Shurrikane
  • Get Your Hooves Up / TAPS
  • In the End / 4everfreebrony
  • Hearts as Strong as Horses / Mandopony
  • Fili-Second / L-Train
  • Embracing the Elements / Canapplejack
  • Chasing Fate / 4everfreebrony feat. Relative1Pitch
  • I'm Daring / Replacer feat. Evdog & PoniKenobi
  • Look to the Clouds / Feather
  • Welcome Ponyvillians / Zatslol
  • Chimera / Radiarc
  • Morning Mist / SlyphStorm
  • Through the Fields / 4everfreebrony
  • My Faithful Student
  • Who Can Fly Like Fluttershy
  • For Daddy
  • Pony Rap God
  • Of Greater Horizons
  • Daydream (Risen Remix)
  • Twilight Zone
  • Find the Music in You (Remix)
  • Find the Music in You (8-bit)
  • Giggles & Gumdrops
  • Lautlos
  • Forever and a Day
  • The Friendship Express
  • The Paladin
  • Princess of the Moon
We shall hopefully soon have the full updated list up!

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