Saturday, April 5, 2014

Specialty Charts for the Week 4/6: Votes slightly shaken up, and bat fever has taken over Views

It's that time! Let's take a look at the Votes and Views charts for this week!

Now, the Votes top 5 has not changed, but I do have 2 pieces of good news: First off, there was one movement in the top 10 (Set in Stone has now risen 2 places, sending both Under the Sun and Moonrise 1 place down), and the date that the next toptenpony votes results will be revealed has been confirmed for April 10th, well in time for next week's chart! Just a reminder that this means that votes for October songs will be removed as well.

As for the Views, The Living Tombstone maintains a healthy lead with Stop the Bats (Remix), with 3,900 average daily views this week, starting the first consecutive #1 streak of the chart. Last week's biggest debut, Hearts as Strong as Horses' remix by Sim Gretina, maintains a strong hold on the #2 spot with 2,920 views. Brony Polka rebounds from its downward spiral to #3 while maintaining a 2,600 view average. Songs relating to Bats are also doing very well currently, with Eurobeat Brony's new original tune Batty debuting at #4 with an average 2,238 views and Bats!, Aftermath's remix of the show tune, rebounding to the #5 spot with 1,640 views after being marooned at #7 for 2 weeks.

Come soon for info on the full Hot 50!

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