Saturday, April 12, 2014

4/13: Stop the Bats (Remix) holds at #1 despite not dominating either Specialty

Credit: Gray-gold
The results are in, and with this crazy week with the new March votes, the removed October votes, and a new Views leader, The Living Tombstone still comes out unscathed in the end. Your days are numbered, Stop the Bats remix...

In any case, the song leads by 1000 pts. against two giant debuts: First off is Sim Gretina, whose remix of Make a Wish has the lead in views and snags #2 in its Hot 50 debut. Also close behind by 500 points is Foozogz's remix of Find the Music in You titled You've Got the Music (DELIGHT Mix), which also achieved #3 in views. Rounding out the top 5 are Laughter, still holding on to its #4 peak, and Moonlight, slowly approaching its debut peak. Also of note is the March votes #1, Quest (This Can't Be All), which debuted at #25 last week, has risen all the way to #7.

Now, this was a week where the votes got a major shuffling, and because of this, the ratio for the week was 45% votes and 55% views, a bigger preference for the former than any previous week. Despite this, there are an abundance of top 20 debuts this week, primarily from songs that debuted this week, not those that got voted highly (The exceptions being Foozogz' Make a Wish remix, which had the advantage of exposure from the #3 song which happened for all of Foozogz' songs this week, and Join the Herd, which gains the views of the original version of the cover along with the remaster). All told, there are 11 debuts and 1 re-entry (Morning Mist, #3 of March votes, comes back at #28). Combine this with the fact that the October songs lost their base votes, and there are quite a few of those songs that fell off this week, including Daring Do, Nightmare Night, and most notably Taking Flight, which was at #11 last week, but was supported by both the original and remix's votes, both of which were removed this week.

Check out the full list soon along with the Specialty Chart pages!

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