Saturday, April 19, 2014

4/20: Stop the Bats (Remix) remains in command, Make a Wish (Remix) holds its ground, and Prince Whateverer re-enters the Top 10 with a new track!

Credit: Psyguy
This week, there isn't much to mention, so let's break this down quickly!

The top 10 is relatively stable from last week. The big change is that You've Got the Music falls to #22, causing #4 - #10 of last week to move up 1 spot each. From that, Laughter finally hits the top 3, and Quest (This Can't Be All) hits a new peak of #6. The leader is still Stop the Bats (Remix), but it is on the decline in views, and while Make a Wish (Remix) is having its debut inflation wear, it's actually doing so at a slower rate than Stop the Bats is falling, so there is the very real chance it could take the crown in 1-3 weeks!

Filling in the #10 spot is Prince Whateverer, partnering up with Dreamchan yet again to bring a cover of It'll Be OK. Also debuting are two songs from the upcoming Fallout: Equestria game, bringing the swing of the 50s back to the charts in 2014, along with Mush and micro/muThunder.

It's still in a couple of weeks, but be wary of the cleansing and vote swaps upcoming. On May 4th's chart, all October songs will be permanently removed from the chart. This affects the following songs along with any songs not on the Hot 50 at the time (though the latter can be voted back):
  • Crusader (Are We There Yet?) / BLACKGRYPH0N & Baasik - #23
  • Pegasus Device / SlyphStorm - #34
  • Taking Flight - NOT ON
  • Ashes / Aviators - NOT ON
  • Daring Do / Sim Gretina feat. Kathy-chan - NOT ON
  • Nightmare Night / Forest Rain - NOT ON
  • When You Were Here - NOT ON
The vote swap will occur the same week April's votes are revealed, and will affect the following songs:

  • Chant of Immortality / 4everfreebrony feat. Chi-Chi - #8
  • Destabilize / Prince Whateverer feat. Dreamchan & Scrambles - #14
  • Mother Changeling / SandJosieph feat. Amelia Bedilia & other changelings - #17
  • Everpony's Gay for Braeburn / Sim Gretina & donglekumquat - #29
  • Behold / Foozogz - #33
  • Crystal Heart / P1K - #42
  • Castle of Shadows / SlyphStorm - #48
  • Inside / EileMonty & Austin Hull - NOT ON
In any case, see you guys next week!

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